MP3Toys 2
The album oriented audio player and music management solution for Windows.

MP3Toys is as easy to handle as a traditional LP/CD collection but it adds the power and flexibility of a dedicated music database and enriches the experience with content automatically downloaded from the internet

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Main Features

  • Album oriented interface built for ease of use and extensibility
  • Comfortable automatic download of album art and lyrics
  • Powerful database with support for thousands of albums and live file tracking
  • Fast search engine and sophisticated album filters for quick navigation
  • Plays MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC and M4A files
  • Advanced audio controls: equalizer, gapless playback, crossfading and auto-gain.
  • Many playback modes (album, artist, playlist, album shuffle, similar, ...)
  • Comprehensive playback control (windows wide hotkeys, mini player, tray, remote)
  • Flexible interface to external applications like players, rippers and burn programs
  • Tag Editor with automatic file identification included
  • Built in support for music service and CD-Art display software

User Interface

By using album art as a central design element, MP3Toys looks different from other windows applications. But with the inclusion of interface standards like drag & drop, context menus and multi selection (with ctrl and shift keys), you will find yourself at home quickly.

The interface has been designed to make exploring and playing music really quick, easy and fun. Sometimes even small details can make a big difference. Tracks for example are played with just a single click (instead of the common double-click) inviting you to explore your music.

The user interface is also highly customizable. All fonts can be changed and new color schemes can be created and tested directly from within the application.

The application also adapts to different screen sizes and can be used equally well in a small or big window, maximized or in full screen mode.

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Music Management

MP3Toys will scan your music library, identifying albums by combining the information from tags, file names and folder names. It uses any existing album art and retrieves missing covers automatically. It also downloads lyrics automatically and allows you to add artist images and web links with simple drag and drop from your web browser.

MP3Toys employs a fast and reliable database which manages thousands of albums with ease, giving you complete control over your whole music library.

Live file tracking: MP3Toys keeps automatically track of all changes made to the files and folders in your music library. For example, when you add new files to your collection, MP3Toys will add them automatically to its database.

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Identify albums by their cover art. Start typing an artist name and the software locates the artist. Enter a search and all matching artists, albums and songs (optional) are highlighted instantenously.

The powerful album filters like 'new', 'similar' or 'popular', allow you to select a specific set of albums with a single mouse click. Folder location and genres can also be used as a filter. And albums can be sorted by artist name, date added, year published, popularity, and more ...

In addition, the navigation history keeps track of every step, allowing you to move backward and forward in your collection in an instant (it's just like using the backward and forward buttons in your web browser).

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Music Selection

Simply click on an album and it is played. Check out different songs from the track list with just a single click. You want to go back to a recent album ? Just click on it in the album history and playback is continued exactly from the last position.

The artist playlist will automatically display all albums of the selected artist. Allowing you to quickly select multiple albums of the same artist, or all albums of the same artist with just one click on the artist name.

You want to listen to a certain group of albums, like 'Best of 70s', 'New' or 'Popular Electronica' ? Just select the corresponding album filter(s) and turn on the album shuffle mode which will play a random selection of songs from the selected albums. Or use the same albums as a starting point for a playlist.

To create a custom playlist just select a number of albums or songs anywhere in MP3Toys and use the 'create new playlist' command. Now you can add more songs, albums or whole artists by drag and drop or the 'add to playlist' command.

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Play your MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC or AAC/M4A files with MP3Toys. Use the gapless playback mode to eliminate any gaps between two consecutive tracks or use crossfading to create a seamless mix when random tracks are played during the shuffle mode.

The auto gain function ensures that songs from different albums will have a similar volume level. Finally, the equalizer allows you to adjust the sound to your taste.

The volume control can either be shared with other windows programs for simplicity or handled privately for independent control from other applications.

Last but not least, the acclaimed BASS audio library guarantees minimal CPU usage in combination with the best possible sound quality.

Playback Control

Besides from the main application window, playback can be controlled from the tray icon, windows wide hotkeys, a dedicated mini-player or with any windows compatible remote control.

If you want to, you can even use your favorite audio player like Winamp or foobar as the default player and MP3Toys turns into a powerful music selection and mixer interface for it.

A sleep timer can configured to stop the music or to shut down the computer after a specified timeout.

If you quickly want to see some information about the current track, just call up the track information window from anywhere in windows with a dedicated hotkey. It is also possible to get track change notifications automatically.

The latest version of MP3Toys also supports the beautiful CD-Art display software from which adds yet another possibility to admire the album art and to control playback.

Ripping, Burning and Copying Files

Use your favorite ripping program and MP3Toys will automatically add all newly ripped songs to it's library. Since MP3Toys tracks the disk activity in it's library folders you can just keep using your favorite ripping program without any loss of comfort.

Burn a selection of files with by dragging them into your favorite burn program or by using the 'Open With' command in MP3Toys. The 'Open With' command is compatible with all applications able to handle the popular 'm3u' playlist format.

To copy files to an external player or any other location you can use the 'Copy to' dialog. It gives you exact control over the target directory structure, let's you create a playlist and also gives you the option top copy the album art. It also automatically detects existing files copying only missing files.

Finally, all items like audio files, album art, lyrics or links can be exported to other windows programs by drag and drop.

System Requirements
Minimum: WinXP, PIII 600Mhz, 64MB RAM, 800x600 screen 16bit, soundcard, 20MB free disk space
Recommended: XP, PIII 1Ghz, 128MB RAM, 1024x768 screen 32bit, soundcard, 20MB free disk space
Vista compatible
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